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Poland – The Książ Castle

So I came across some fantastic information about two places to visit when in Poland. Yet again there’s quite some history to these buildings and some of it being rather dark. The first building is The Książ Castle in Wałbrzych. Whats surreal is that its surrounded by the  the Waldenburg Mountains , almost as though…… Continue reading Poland – The Książ Castle

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Food, Food , Food

I haven’t done a food post in quite some time , so this entails literally everywhere I’ve been in the past 3 weeks – yep I was finally free this month hence  decided to make up for all the times I couldn’t meet up with friends. Here goes… So Ayesha was like “oh M, I…… Continue reading Food, Food , Food


The Young Karl Marx (2017)

For those of you into movies with subtitles, something a little informative – this is the movie for you. This explains the emergence of the proletariat & how this word came into being. I’ve always found the emergence of communism fascinating – don’t get me wrong I’m no theorist neither have immense knowledge in the…… Continue reading The Young Karl Marx (2017)

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Karl Friedrich Schinkel

  Schinkel ( how cute is that name – schinkel come here dearie ) – was born in Brandenburg. Tragedy hit him at an early age when his father passed away in the Neuruppin fire (1787) , I believe he was only 6 at the time. He was under the tutelage of architect Friedrich Gilly.…… Continue reading Karl Friedrich Schinkel

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Christmas 2017

It’s that time of the year where you have no idea what to get for your friends, family etc. My friends have been asking me for ideas… you’re in a bit of a kerfuffle and I’m here to help you .. so here’s a few items that might just be perfect for stuffing the stockings…… Continue reading Christmas 2017

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George Bähr & Norman Foster

I’ve wrote plenty on Italian renaissance along with neo classical etc etc.. So I want to move onto German architecture because I adore Germany and tbh Bayern Munich you get me?? Yaa? So let’s finds out a little about George Bähr. He was born in Fürstenwalde I believe its in Saxony, Germany (just check it on…… Continue reading George Bähr & Norman Foster

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Heinrich Heine

Heinrich Heine is one of my favourite poets along with Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe, Shakespeare,the Bronte sisters & Yevgeny Yevtushenko !! Oh my poet list goes on and on so, read this and enjoy. P.s I have been in love with Germany since forever and Heinrich is German hence the title of this poem is one you…… Continue reading Heinrich Heine