The Forgotten battle (2021)

Based on true events during the “The Battle of Scheldt”


Barbarians (2020)

Germanic tribes, Roman Legionaries. Battles, Conquests, Warriors, Treason, Sacrifices. Shall I continue? “Old wolves know when the time has come to leave the pack,A mans true pride lies in being able to choose his end”. So it’s a Saturday night, I’m perusing Netflix & BAM, I come across this new historical series. Now its undoubtedly…… Continue reading Barbarians (2020)


The Taming Of The Queen

After perusing the book shelves at readings *Pre corona* I came across the epic tale of the final queen of King Henry VIII, written by the one and only Philippa Gregory. So lemme elucidate what this entails: Henry VIII, the embodiment of masculinity was remarkably dashing, tall & handsome as well as a sportsman recognised…… Continue reading The Taming Of The Queen


The English Game (2020)

Footie fan? History? Lets blend the two together & voila – We have this 6 part series written by Downtown Abbey creator Julian Fellowes. Shining light onto the origins of football. A blend of facts & fiction. The English Game brings to attention the deprivation faced by the overburdened, poorly paid workers of the cotton…… Continue reading The English Game (2020)


Anne with an E – Season 3

As we eagerly awaited the fantastical character to emerge back on screen, Anne finally… Yes FINALLY came with a bang! Anne with an E is based on the novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery, named Anne of Green Gables, depicting tales of the young orphan girl Anne Shirley. Those of you who’ve been following this ardently, know…… Continue reading Anne with an E – Season 3


Peaky Blinders – Season 5 so far …

“On a gathering storm comesA tall handsome manIn a dusty black coat withA red right hand ” Hell yeah, after a hiatus, Cilian Murphy reprises the role of Tommy Shelby and hes back with a bang. Something seems to be troubling the gent. Starting with a traitor in the family. Michael’s calm demeanour conflicts that…… Continue reading Peaky Blinders – Season 5 so far …


The Spanish Princess – 2019

So, how do I begin this? I’m OBSESSED with King Henry VIII & finally we have another drama based on his life. Game of thrones has officially ended mes chers so here’s something to fill the void. Do you have a keen eye for “The Tudors”? If yes, give this a shot. What does the…… Continue reading The Spanish Princess – 2019


Mary Queen of Scots (2019) – “Are you afraid, Because our swords are not just for show.”

So lets see how this movie rolls: There’s quite a “strange” story regarding Mary Stuart the sole surviving legitimate child of King James V. Get this, she ascended to the throne at 6 days old. Talk about responsibility. It begins in the year 1561. Mary is the tender age of 19 already a widow to…… Continue reading Mary Queen of Scots (2019) – “Are you afraid, Because our swords are not just for show.”


Rome The Art Of War – Manda Scott

Sebastos Pantera the heroic spy returns to Rome at the brink of civil war, in hope of dissuading the legions along with their commanders to betray their loyalty to the treacherous Vitellius & revere the true Emperor Vespasian. One of the most entertaining “Roman” novels I have read – Simon Scarrow. I’m going to rant…… Continue reading Rome The Art Of War – Manda Scott

Just Life <3

Set me free – MD

Why must one despise for what is just? It’s uncertainty that makes you lose trust? I plee to you, teach me to read. Educate my mind, let me be the greatest a woman could possibly become. Gain knowledge and be the one, concurring theories from the great Aristotle, whilst elucidating stars one recalls from Plato.…… Continue reading Set me free – MD