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Lord Mountbatten

Recently I watched a drama regarding the partition of India in 1947. Who conducted this? Who gave the authority and made the final decision? Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten ( what a tongue twister) was born in Windsor on 25 June 1900. He was from a German aristocratic family, the son of Prince Louis of Battenberg…… Continue reading Lord Mountbatten


Ed Sheeran – Perfect. INNA & Niall Horan

Hey everyone, I thought it best that I switch from history & poetry in this post and add a bit of music that I took a fancy to. So here are some songs that I like. However my favourite song is the first one which is literally living up to its name – ” Perfect” . For…… Continue reading Ed Sheeran – Perfect. INNA & Niall Horan

Just Life <3

Aloisio da Milano & Aristotele Fioravanti

There is so many magnificent buildings that we pass without even giving it a second glance. I reckon if we stopped a moment and took in each crevice, line and carving we would appreciate how long it must’ve took for a man to create this with their own hands. Aloisio da Milano was an architect…… Continue reading Aloisio da Milano & Aristotele Fioravanti


MAC Look in a box & Bare Minerals

  Look In A Box: Call Me, Love – £29.00   MAC’s Look in a Box kits showcase an array of looks for lips and eyes in a mix of bestselling products in coordinated hues. Call Me, Love is a plum-toned kit for luscious lips, featuring Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Call Me, Love, Pro…… Continue reading MAC Look in a box & Bare Minerals


Viceroys House

Now everyone in Pakistan and India have heard numerous stories and tales from their elders of how a country split into two along with the pain, suffering and willpower of the people. If you want a deeper insight as to why this decision was made I suggest you watch this movie. A viceroy was a…… Continue reading Viceroys House

Just Life <3

Stéphane Mallarmé

Stéphane Mallarmé was born in Paris 1842 . Most of his life he spent in poverty and he worked as an English teacher. One thing Stéphane Mallarmé was famous for was his gatherings in which he would discuss the arts, literature & politics. The group became known as les Mardistes, because they met on Tuesdays…… Continue reading Stéphane Mallarmé


The Mummy (2017)

I was requested by a tweep to do a review on this movie so I managed to make some time, and finally watched it 🙂 Now I’m definitely a bigger fan of Brad Pitt but, I adore the mission impossible movies and Tom Cruise is a superb actor ( my mum has a crush on…… Continue reading The Mummy (2017)