Downton Abbey Christmas Special

So its hard to believe its come to an end .Genuinely I cannot come to terms with the fact that we will not be getting another season of Downton! The sheer elegance yet snobbish attitude of Lady Mary balanced out by the down to earth and humbleness of Branson ; lovely Anna and a not so lovely Mr barrow (who grows on you along the way) .

down 7


Well the first half of the finale is full of surprises my favourite character throughout the series Dowager Countess Violet is there from the start with her immediate witty and sarcastic responses , God I LOVE her !

“will you be here long enough to drink it.”



“why cant men ever paint themselves out of a corner , its such a waste for both of them”

Lady Edith was not expecting to bump into Bertie ; what was even more unforeseen was the fact that Mary had arranged the whole meeting . Finally Edith had some positivity enter her life .To see her finally happy I’m sure gave us a sigh of relief ; we always pitied her what with all her misfortunes 😦



However not all is merry and cheerful when we all hear the news of Mr Carson showing symptoms of parkinson’s disease but him being brave about it decides its his time to resign 😦



Anna gave us all quite a shock when her little baby boy arrived in lady Mary’s room but joy it brought to all ❤ ❤

Basically saved one of my Fav moments till last , Mr Barrow ❤ ; mostly despised by people but I knew he was a softie deep down . So happy they welcomed him back into the house .



If I had the choice I would go on and on forever but I only have this page 😛 What a finale to a drama we have loved over the seasons I still remember the first episode as though it was yesterday. Fantastically  superb drama , lets hope there’s more dramas like this in the future !

2 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Christmas Special

  1. I loved it. The only thing I didn’t like was the way they sort of forced Branson into having a potential relationship with the girl who works at Edith’s magazine. In my mind, Branson must mourn Sybil forever. They were my favourite couple ever on the show and her death pretty much killed me inside!

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  2. oh inoo weren’t they just the perfect couple. I did find that they made the ending a bit too jolly yno like everyone was happy which I mean isn’t really realistic but I was made up for Mr Barrow !


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