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Noisy May Gilet

So my last leather gilet got ripped and i was absolutely gutted , but it meant .. hunting online for another one .

Basically my Fav online website hands down is Asos ❀ !

I came across this brand called noisy may , I have bought a parka jacket once before from the same brand and was pretty pleased so ordered again !



(sorry about that hanger gegging in the photo I was too excited to crop)

Let me just say I am in LOVE ! The design is gorgeous , it even has a little collar belt well that’s what I call it πŸ˜› , there’s also 2 snap buttons that can fold the top part back which is necessary for me because I hate having to keep folding it or holding it back ; makes me look a right weirdo !

Anyways my lovelies do tell me what you think ❀


Love Prin πŸ˜›

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