Just Life <3

New Year

As we all know 2015 has not been one of the brightest years . Its extremely heart breaking when we take a look back at the events that passed us . Words that come to mind are terrorism , hate , bloodshed , children dying and refugees. So much negativity šŸ˜¦

We must overcome this negativity and try to fight back against the extremists be it “terrorists” or “Donald Trump” . I have seen myself , people standing up for the love of humanity ; statingĀ that Islam is not the cause of terrorism and the #WeAreMuslim hashtags all over twitter . Also how we must stand united ; it is not just religion but our love for one another that is creating this unity. What happened in Paris will never be forgotten , all those innocent lives lost – we cannot bring them back but we can prevent this from happening in the future .

Lets make a change , 2016 is hereĀ . Our new year resolutions Ā should be to love more and resent less ; if everyone contributes to this a little I am certain the world will be a better place!



So Here’s to a new year ! To new beginnings , so start it off with fireworks ; friends , family , dancing and singing .

Lets fill this year with constructive thoughts .

Let 2016 beĀ carefree and untroubled !

Have Fun my Lovelies ā¤

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