Boudica & Rome Series

Hey guys ,

So I wanted to share some books I have been reading for the past 5 years. As mentioned before I’m a history fanatic whether it be fiction or non-fiction, something regarding  Kings & Warriors is always thrilling to read.

Well back in 2010 I became hooked to the “Rome” &  “Boudica Series” by Manda Scott. My GOD does she know how to write! I happened to come across “Rome: The Emperor’s Spy ” when perusing through all the books in the history section at the library, glad I did. Even though the book was not the first in the series I was glued to it from chapter one ; fierce fighter Sebastos Pantera,his battle for justice and truth. I loved the story line!

Will be going into detail in a minute first let me tell you about these books before I literally burst with excitement!

So,when I started reading I found it hard to stop,everything was immensely detailed,dated back to old Rome it felt as though I was there witnessing each event unfolding infront of my very eyes. The characters are all highly unique in their own way. Manda has been brilliant letting the reader understand the story from each of their point of view’s throughout.

Anyway , after finishing the book I went online and ordered the first 4 books of the Boudica series

  • Dreaming the Eagle (2003)
  • Dreaming the Bull (2004)
  • Dreaming the Hound (2005)
  • Dreaming the Serpent Spear (2006)

Let me tell you they were not one bit disappointing quite the contrary!

Here is an insight to the books and what they’re all about :

Dreaming the eagle

It all starts off in  AD 34  young Breaca has just lost her mother from an attack by another tribe,now she  must walk on through the rites of passage that will take her from innocent childhood to adulthood. She must choose; does she want to be a warrior or a dreamer ?

Dreaming the Bull

The second book is written in AD 53. Britain is being ruled by Rome. Boudica must fight alongside her warriors to drive the invaders out of their land.One of my favourite characters is Julius Valierus the decisions he has to make ; is he Roman or is he a part of the tribe ?  This magnificent sequel of passion and vengeance all wrapped into one but wait there’s more…

Dreaming the Hound

AD 57 . Britain has now been under Roman rule for over 10 years . Not only does she have to create battle strategies but Breacca’s lover Caradoc is prisoner of Rome. Not just revolved around Breacca but also her half brother Ban who has to face the demons of his past.

Dreaming The Serpent Spear

AD 60 – Britannia .The tribes have had enough and are organising their mighty battle! Now is the time for boudicca to lead her armies to victory. They must succeed ; now or never!

I have around 50 pages left of Rome the coming of the king, adamant to finish it but the life of a political science student is trying ; hence preventing this from happening but this is my very own battle and I “shall triumph” 😛 .. hopefully by the end of this month.

Impatient to find out what lies ahead for Kleopatra and Pantera ???

A little message to Manda, I love your work since the beginning , the way you express each character is wonderful. I honestly hope one day I can be half as good a writer as you 🙂 And hopefully in the near future we can see those books come to life on Tv . I certainly have my fingers and toes crossed 😛 Love You x

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