Shawn mendes

So I was browsing through random channels weeks back and came across this song. Well basically when I miss the songs name I try to catch some lyrics and Google  the words , all  I managed to catch was ” we don’t have the time to be sorry … be the life of the party” .. Searched  it and Shawn Mendes came up . ❤

Now I didnt know anything about him before so started listening to some of his songs , he reminded me of a younger Justin Bieber and I’m sorry to anyone who thinks otherwise but I Adore him and his music *crushing* 😛

Basically I am loving Shawn’s voice it’s youthful and full of fun , he’s so charming . Basically my fav song is one with fifth harmony’s Camilla its called ” I know what you did last summer”   it’s got a good beat and it’s fast , my type of tune. Do have a listen  * Here it is  *

Some of his other songs that are worth a listen are :


Something big

I don’t even know your name

A kid in love .. oh basically his whole album go buy it . Its called Handwritten !

Why is he younger than me 😥  *Cutie*


Love Prin ❤

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