Reign 2016

So Reign is back after a hiatus. Must say it’s all so dismal since Francis left us all.





I was watching the latest Ep called “our undoing”. The Ep before left off with Don Carlos revealing his rather dark secret to Mary,  shortly after incurring a terrible accident which resulted in him literally fracturing and splitting his skull. Mary and Catherine assumed he was dead but were soon to realise he had disappeared leaving a trail of blood behind.

So this latest Ep carries on from the last scene where Mary and Catherine are trying to figure out a way to elude themselves from this mess along with gossip it would carry around the royal court; their reputations would be ruined and worse they might be convicted of attempted murder of a royal.

So I certainly do not want to give much away except that Don Carlos does survive his injury but is brain-damaged. Narcisse is always bouncing back at the wrong time being a little pain in the bottom for Catherine  (but he is soo very handsome) * swoons ❤ * Also Lola has to deal with personal problems of her own 😦

3252884805606902d5276a0e5756b351 ( I don’t like tea but for you .. ) 😛


There is plenty happening all at once in this episode its hard to get your head around it, God knows how stressed Mary feels. But I love how headstrong she is and it shows women are great leaders too !


I loved the Ep, Reign has never been disappointing, however I am missing Francis dearly as I’m sure all the reign “Royals” are too 😦 .


Love you Francis  … Prin ❤

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