Beowulf series

Heard many reviews about this series , sadly not positive ones. Basically a lot of people were tweeting how

“It’s a bit dull”

I thought of watching the first Ep myself. I wouldn’t say it was exceptional because frankly it wasn’t. It felt common as though bits had been copied off other series (most probably The Last Kingdom). The opening scene was a bit strange I mean being chased by those beasts I mean come on I know beasts like that don’t exist but neither do Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons yet they looked pretty darn real to me.



Anyway I don’t know how to describe it, let me try my best .. it seemed fake like the actors were not really fully within their “characters” something was missing. I mean for e.g when I was watching Vikings; Travis Fimmel looked the part, It felt like I had gone back in time and was witnessing what real raids and invasions were like, here it just appeared as though they had stuck a few tents near a lake and started shooting.

However , it wasn’t all bad it did get better near the end so perhaps Ep 2 will be lets say ..a cut above the last Ep 🙂

It’s got Ed Speleers in it tho .. what a sweetie !

Do watch it , skip a few parts if you must 😛 but tell me what you think .


Love Your Prinny ❤

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