War And Peace (2016)

Hey lovelies,

So recently I came across this beautiful drama which is a six-part adaptation of the novel written by  Leo Tolstoy you might have also heard of his other very famous novel and movie adaptation called Anna Karenina ( my all time favourite with the *handsome* Aaron-Taylor-Johnson ).

giphy aww and I love u 😛


So bascially this drama revolves around events surrounding the French invading Russia. How the impact of the Napoleonic era effects the aristocratic families and the Tsarist society in many ways.

Here’s an insight on the 5 families  —the Bezukhovs, the Bolkonskys, the Rostovs, the Kuragins and the Drubetskoys.

The Bezukhovs, extremely wealthy, are a fragmented family; all over the place as the old Count, Kirill Vladimirovich, has fathered dozens of illegitimate sons. His son Pierre being his favourite is uneasy about meeting his father in his illness not expecting anything after his passing but by luck and some help from Anna Drubetskaya he becomes sole heir to the vast estate and is now the new “Count Bezukhov”.

Prince Andrei Bolkonsky,  (played by the the very attractive James Norton) is in conflict with his married life, not knowing how to love his wife; although not harsh or impolite towards her there is strain from the start of the first Ep. He becomes an officer in the third coalition, leaves his pregnant wife and goes to war.


The Rostovs who never seem to have enough money although they have vast estates are a closely knit, warm loving family who live for the moment regardless of their financial situation. I love Natasha (Lily James) always so bubbly and full of life !

tumblr_nv4zqjlubh1rwahceo1_500 How stunning does she look ❤

The Drubetskoy family have very little wealth however they are nobility, the family consists of an elderly mother who assisted Pierre in becoming a count. Her only son, Boris (Aneurin Barnard who actually looks like Alistair cook’s doppelgänger. Honestly cant stop wondering if they will throw a cricket ball at him and he’ll catch 😛 ) whom she ardently wishes to push up the career ladder. tumblr_o0i01uz4sv1ry2rqvo2_250



And then there’s the Kuragins. Again a prince, who’s children’s entire concern is reolved around gaining more social power not to mention their lust for money does not seem to end! (really dont like them) a proper creepy and selfish bunch!

War And Peace

Okies so will keep you all updated I’m about to watch Ep 3 (Stoked) .. Tell me what you think about the series .. Love your .. Prin ❤


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