War And Peace Ballroom Scene (2016)

OH I tried, I really did try to control my excitement after watching Ep 3 of this beautiful series. However, when I saw Natasha eagerly awaiting someone to approach to ask her to dance. Looking over towards Andrei and Pierre who were gazing at her; only to turn around  a moment later & notice the prince walking towards her ..

*I DIED*. (Long sentence I know 😛 )

What I love about period dramas is the gentlemen were so very proper! They would approach the “Eligible young ladies”  parents first, ask permission to dance then whisk them away. Now wouldn’t we all want that ?










How intense was it when he began to dance with her?  The fact that everything surrounding them was just .. well everything stopped; it was all about them. He even cracked a smile.


I mean yes the serious prince Andrei was awestruck. He is finally in Love (with me like) but still it was adorable .. *DYING AGAIN*

Truly it was magical and the directing of this scene was magnificent!

Also what follows is super super cute but I’m not giving it away you must see for yourself 🙂



If you would like to see a snippet of the scene click here (its worth it) .

Next dance is with me Andrei .. Love your Prin ❤

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