The Revenant

Hey Lovelies,

So a small review on the movie “The Revenant”. It is so beautifully depicted; so much to see and learn. I mean literally – you cannot take in all the scenes without gasping or closing your eyes!

I’m not going to write a long review because basically it bores people and me 😛 but I will let you know what I thought without many spoilers.

The movie is a whopping 156 minutes so its not for the impatient. I must say if I was watching Harry Potter I would gladly see 2 or 3 movies back to back without fast forwarding one second but in this there were a few scenes in which I wanted to skip maybe two or three minutes of however, the rest had me looking at the screen without batting an eye.

The opening scene reveals how men are hunting for pelts in the wilderness when they are ambushed by native americans. The attack is brutal killing many from both sides. However, some of the men escape by boat including Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) and their commanding officer Andrew Henry (Domhnall Gleeson/Bill Weasley).

Well, it is based on a true story and that is what makes it more intriguing; 19th-century fur trapper, Hugh Glass, who endures a savage bear attack not to mention the hardships that follow regarding family and annoying co-workers with bald patches on their head (You’ll understand when you watch).

Let me just say that bear scene was intense, it is not for the faint hearted my GOD. It was so detailed, the way the bear tore the skin off his back; the sound effects that followed. Throwing him from side to side, breaking/crushing of bones. When the bear put his paw on Glass’s head I  thought that’s it, its going to crack. Throughout the movie you actually endure the struggles that Glass is going through, the pain of him not being able to walk, his throat severely injured unable to speak out. The troubles his son faces against the very selfishly greedy John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) .


There’s this one scene thats major gross when Hugh eats the liver of a freshly slaughtered bison, urgh it was soo vile I was like atleast shove it in the fire first! Gods sake lad!

I have to say Leonardo DiCaprio was exceptional the way he portrayed the character of Hugh. It felt as though it was truly happeneng to him, all of it, all over again. I dont want to give anything away so let me just say if you haven’t watched it you really really should!

Its all about greed of money, betrayal, love and revenge and this is all going on in a forest that is surrounded by your enemies so you have no place that is safe. The filming is soo raw,  again I know I’m repeating myself but it is soo real its not like the actors were all warm and snugly infront of a green screen, they were literally freezing – you can see their breath – Hats off to you guys.

Again for those who have watched it, that horse scene .. bleughhh made me feel a little nauseous ! He honestly deserves an Oscar for this and if they do not present him with one I swear I will walk on that stage myself and hand him one!

Tell you what Leonardo DiCaprio was suffering so much in The Revenant felt like jumping in there n giving him a mug of hot coco or something !


(It’s alright love)

Fitzgerald’s like not bothered :’)


Righties tell me what you all think ❤

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