War And Peace Ep 5

Ok huns,

So I thought I would not over obsess and keep writing reviews but can’t help it, who else watched that remarkable episode ? .. MY GOD.

So much was going on literally those battle scenes were so soo genuine it was as though it was truly happening at that very moment. Basically a follow up from Ep 4 here is what happens.

A miserable and depressed Natasha is distraught about what she has done and wants Andrei’s forgiveness. (Honestly what a right plonker I mean who would kiss Anatole the dirty rat .. in a closet when you know the most handsome Prince is coming for you.. urghh )



Pierre is trying so very hard to control his emotions towards Natasha, he almost lets it slip before telling her it is best they do not meet so often.




Prince Andrei returns to his home only to demand Pierre to tell Natasha she is “free” from her vow and that he will not hear of this topic again.


Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky is getting more and more hysterical. However the much loved eccentric character is short lived when he passes away with Maria by his side. He finally admits what he feels towards her and I had tears in my eyes.


THIS is what he says (Must watch) .

Its not all sad for Maria as she is attracted towards Nikolai Rostov who helps rescue her … and the feeling is reciprocated.




Boris has a special mission and Napoleon takes a liking to him!


It is considered a great honour Monsieur,  to have one’s ear pulled by the Emperor.

Pierre is absolutely fantastic in his battle scenes, how at first he is not scared; actually starts laughing when the canons go off. Then it all gets serious and the way he has portrayed the character is just unbelievable what an actor- truly. Oh and him and Dolokhov are friends again (they just keep kissing which is super awkward)


The ending gets to me honestly I was crying. You see an injured Andrei lying on the makeshift surgical table and his wound is severe but the agony the man next to him is enduring is dreadful. The sounds are even more frightening; so real – you cannot imagine! The physical and mental torture that is depicted when his leg is being sawed off – I genuinely cannot explain you must watch it. But then something happens, Andrei calls out his name, Anatole begs him to not say anymore as he is already being tortured. Andrei extends his arm to him and they hold hands both in suffering.

     Close to death? Andrew Davies' gruesome end to the fifth episode, which focused on the battle at Austerlitz saw plenty of viewers disturbed by the harrowing scenes






                                       WOW. Honestly rendered speechless!

                                   Watch the gruesome clip Here (if you can)

Hats off to all the actors, I didn’t want it to end. That one scene where its about to blast and everyone is begging Andrei to get down yet he just stands there like a right meff. Flipping hell you stubborn mule Get Down – Gods Sake’s!


4 thoughts on “War And Peace Ep 5

    1. Thanks soo much ❤ .. And wasn't it great I mean that bit where Pierre gets up and is like where is everyone? and I was like Pierre you're flipping late for a battle :') ! I have no idea what we're going to do when it ends 😥


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