Little Mix – Secret Love Song

So I have just seen and heard little Mix’s  “Secret Love Song” ft Jason Derulo and it is soo good!

The Video begins with Jesy singing the intro of the ballad, as soon as Jade starts singing the beat changes and its quality!

Upping the sex factor: Jesy Nelson injects a touch of sexiness to the video as she's dressed in a wrap-over coat and lace-up thigh-high boots



It moves on to a beautiful Perrie blasting out the lyrics as she is walking around London at night. It all is so well shot I mean who doesn’t love London. And Leigh-Anne is just so adorable I cant explain 🙂 .

Suitably styled: The Newcastle-born singer strides over Tower Bridge dressed in a brown wool coat, featuring patches of multi-coloured fur

Tear-jerker: Leigh-Anne, 24, looks on the brink of tears as she belts out the emotional lyrics, which centre around forbidden love

A clip of Jason Derulo comes on with him in a room overlooking the Thames, he is such a brilliant dancer .. My GOD .

And that beard ❤


Do check it out  and tell me what you think ❤

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