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Hello my lovelies,

So  heard about this burger joint called Howdy’s. Well the first opened a while back but it was quite far from my house so never went. However they recently opened one on MM Alam Rd and I’m always there. It was my friends birthday so we decided to give it a try.



One word …. YUM ! It’s  like Hardees but obvs Hardees is better!


(It sure was Samuel :P)


I ordered the son of a bun it was a double patty burger with literally everything the mayo the onions the cheese, turkey rashers .. it was a good but not perfect! I’m giving Howdy a 6.5/10




Love your Prin ❤

4 thoughts on “Howdy’s

  1. LOL Paul I suggest you have a nice big double patty burger today! And burgers are totally nutritious aren’t they 😛 a bit of salad , cheese , meat and bread too what could be more perfect hah 🙂


  2. This is a tasty burger….
    Royale with cheese.
    Much too long since I’ve seen Pulp Fiction!
    Along with Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown – my favourite 3 Tarantino films.
    Looking forward to seeing The Hateful Eight. As as well as having Walton Goggins in it, a current favourite actor, Samuel LJ is in it too. One classic line he’s already got, from a trailer I’ve seen is ..’Let’s slow it right down – real slow….’

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