War And Peace Finale !

I cannot even,

Ok let me start again.


How beautiful was that episode. Now let me get to explaining the whole thing without getting too emotional and yes this post will be FULL of quotes:

It all started off with Pierre who is held prisoner, how he built a friendship with a man who is so very different from him. He taught him how even in the most dire and grievous circumstances there is still hope. You just know what will happen, that moment when you see he could walk no longer and he told Pierre to go on; the gunshot – that was heartbreaking.


What really got to me was Andrei in his final days. When Sonya told Natasha that he is in the back room and is severely injured; the moment she opened the door and he asked if it was truly her.

It was all soo sombre. When Natasha and Andrei were together and he said:


Natasha I love you. I love you more, better than I did before. I was in the wrong it’s for you to forgive me.


Oh Sonya, she truly had the most genuinely loving heart. For her to give up her chance of marriage to Nikolai so that the family would not be financially ruined forever.

My dearest Nikolai I am writing to tell you that I release you from our engagement.

I beg you to consider yourself free but despite everything no one could love you more than …your Sonya ❤


But let me just say the way Marya expressed how she felt was just beautiful.

If you knew, knew how long I have been waiting for you


The passing of Petya Rostov was devastating he was so eager to make his country proud and to die like that was all too distressing, not shortly after the warm-hearted Ilya Rostov also passed away. By this point it was all too much for me and I just wanted to cry. So many gone 😥 .

There are two scenes I cannot forget one being the ending where everyone was gathered around the table in a beautiful garden that was covered by trees. Pierre arrived (later as usual) and greeted everyone. Natasha was standing there holding her baby and it was all so full of love. Everyone even Sonya had finally found their happiness ❤

The other scene being just before the passing of Andrei; he saw himself in a field with Natasha running ahead – that was so bitter-sweet and magical.

Later on Natasha spoke to his ghost. Telling him how she would remember him :


It would have been terrible for you – you know to have to go on to look after me and suffering with me – Andrei                                                                                                                                                 I wouldn’t have minded, I would have suffered with you that was the best happiness for me, you didn’t have to go don’t you see- I love you. I love you and now there is no one for me, but I will         remember you – Natasha                                                                                                                                                                                                                     But not like this – Andrei                                                                                                                                                Yes-Yes like this, but also like (and then the image of Andrei at the ball ohh that got me started 😥  .




Here are a few memorable quotes

Everything is simple really, the world. The world wants us to love it and it’s not hard its easy. I had this little whispering voice sort of little whispering music, it was a fly in the room and it wanted me to love it – and I did love it, and I saw that one can love everything.

I want you to know that I – am happy.

I saw him at the hospital, Anatole Kuragin my enemy, he was hurt and I was hurt and he looked at me and I found that I loved him too, he was not soo bad – he cant help it being like that. And I am the one to blame it was cruel of me to leave you – it was cruel of me to break it off with you I see it now. – Andrei


But we can forgive each other cant we, we can love each other -Natasha

Now that its all too late – Andrei

No it isn’t. – Natasha

It’s so strange I was thinking if she could be here I could tell her – and here you are. -Andrei


Marya he is cold already – where has he gone? Where is he now? -Natasha

A marvellous job directing this honestly I shall be watching it all over again. The cast and crew and everyone – exceptional talents ❤

Complete and utter brilliance and I shall leave you all with this quote:

As long as there is life there is happiness – there is a great deal – a great deal still to come!


WOW – Lets all remember this Prince Andrei


Love your Prin ❤

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