Latest Music

Hey Loves,

here are a few latest songs that I think are worth a listen:

1. One Direction – History


I love this espesh the video they show flashbacks of everything they have been through even bits with Zayn which is soo sweet! The video ends as the band walks off in separate directions which caused rumours that the end of the music video means the end of One Direction as well. However, it was confirmed afterwards that originally they were supposed to run back together at the end. So don’t become a nervous Nina 😛 !

2. Leon Bridges – River


Aww this music video is lovely, it starts off with someone in the car, they reach a motel or apartment; cant remember but there is some drama in it too and I cant give it away you must watch it. It’s gentle acoustic strums with steady, slow tambourine that’s probably about all the instruments in it – but it really sounds lovely.

“But there’s blood on my hands/ and my lips are unclean.”

3. Now this is my FAV song of the month. The Lumineers – Ophelia  I love tunes like these! It’s got a sort of ooh oohh feel ia 😛 of when your sitting in those olden day bars or local pubs where everyone gathers around and listens to people play the piano and its got a lot of percussion so I adore it. Will be blasting this on long drives ❤

Listen to it here ❤





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