Food <3

PieCycle :)

Hey Huns ❤

So people have been talking a LOT about these Pies. So I thought why not give it a try.

So this is the story I have heard do not know if its 100% true so no haters ! This young student began baking pies for his friends in university; in turn a lot of people requested for more so he began baking more and delivering it to people who lived nearby on a bicycle – hence the name Piecycle. Now its become all the rage and high on demand. He now caters for a lot more people than just university friends! Good going lad hard work does pay off !



Well basically it was YUM apart from the extra cinnamon, not really a cinnamon type of person. But 8.5/10 and I’m a fussy eater so yno this was goodddd!

Sure DO ❤

Well we Ordered the strawberry and apple pie. Now apparently you have to order a day before because it is made and baked freshly for you .


This is appealing to me because some places sell food that’s not made that morning and they clearly lie about it which just knocks me sick.

So for sure it was fresh and you should all give it a try but do request less cinnamon!

Love Prin ❤

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