DR Frances Prenna Jones Day Work

Hey lovelies ,

So basically my friend has been telling me to let her review this day cream for you all. Well this is what she said :

I’ve been hearing a lot about Dr Frances Penna Jones, how she has been dealing with many well known people for a while now. Not only has she been a doctor for over 22 years but she is a qualified Cosmetic Anti-Ageing Doctor aswell. Her clinic is apparently in Mayfair so what more do I have to say 😛


Well I thought I would treat myself and buy the Day work (she’s nearing her 30’s – sorry Zee :P) so I went to Selfridges and purchased the lovely white magic potion priced at £125..  Yes it’s on the dear side but if it makes you look younger then .. why not.

That’s it Christian .. rejuvenation!

So it’s a moisturising cream that you apply, well I apply it first thing in the morning. After about a fortnight it was quite obvious my pigmentation on my cheeks was slightly lighter. Apparently this is due to the Vitamin C & Tyrosinase inhibitors that are in the product. I didn’t have the slightest clue what the latter word was till I googled it, basically here’s the description : Tyrosinase is an oxidase that is the rate-limiting enzyme for controlling the production of melanin. Hence it made my blemishes lighter.

It also has ingredients that soften fine lines and pores which is 100% true because I have huge pores that seem to be closing up and its only been 2 weeks.

Was reading the back of the bottle and it has a lot of other ingredients the ones that I knew of were Rose Hip Oil ,olive oil , glycerine and get this … tomato’s LOL .

I was a bit cautious when buying this high-end item but I will most probably be buying it again, its literally “The Secret Elixir” ..

Aww I love this clip of Robin Williams (face mask going on) ❤ one of his best films – Legend.


In love ❤

Well Zee seems chuffed about her buy I’m defo going to be looking into more of her products.

Do give it a try and tell me if it worked for you!

” It worked for me ” – Leo

Love Prin ❤  (and Zee)


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