Lancome Juicy Shaker

Hey Dolls,

I recently came across the – now get this name : Lancôme Juicy Shaker “woop wooopp”

The cool part is the bi-phase formula. Shake your gloss and the pigments mix with nourishing oils to keep lips soft. The more you shake it, the more pigment, so It’s up to you how strong or bold a colour you want.

Yes Angie !

I ordered from Selfridges as it’s exclusively there and it’s my most Fav shop in the whole world so .. naturally !

Love 372- Berry Tale.

I’m not going to upload a pic of me wearing it cos my mum was like no way :’) but I found the exact shade regardless of lighting and stuff; on Google here’s a swatch.

Not my hand but whoever’s it is Thankyou ❤


Also my friend brought 381 Mangoes Wild – Pinkish-orange and It’s mango flavour.

Nina Loves it !


Here are all the shades and some more pics in order of colour.

  • 283 Berry in Love – pink and purple with blackberry aroma
  • 300 Lemon Explosion – hot pink with a refreshing aroma of soda
  • 301 Meli Melon – soft and juicy pink with melon scent
  • 313 Boom Meringue – salmon
  • 352 Wonder Melon – bright fuchsia with the scent of watermelon
  • 372 Berry Tale – intense pink-berry with black currant aroma
  • 381 Mangoes Wild – pinkish-orange with mango flavour
  • 400 Mint to Be – mint-blue gives lips a natural pink hue with a magnificent pearl scent
  • 102 Apri Cute – soft, sunny orange with apricot aroma
  • 142 Freedom of Peach – peach with fresh fruit aroma
  • 341 Cherry Symphony – ruby red with cherry aroma
  • 154 Great Fruit – cherry-orange with grapefruit aroma
  • 166 Walk the Lime – spicy orange with cinnamon aroma
  • 252 Vanilla Pop – delicate pink with a discreet vanilla flavour

Go and buy it Lovelies ❤

Love Prin ❤

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