Vikings EP 3

So it all went a bit mental last week, Bjorn demanding Floki be arrested for the killing of Athelstan. Rangar is in a bit of a pickle because Floki has been one of his oldest and most loyal friends however, you can see he is a little bit relieved he did not have to say it himself.


Did you see Rollo’s hair though ? Had me in fits but why did the princess have to go and have a laugh on his face? Was proper hurt him. He’s trying soo hard its like for Gods sake if you dont want to be his wife move aside and let me marry him instead :’)


Proper Mean that was 😥

This episode Omg did you see …

Rollo is wanting to learn the French language but has a fit with that old man .. is he a priest? I can’t remember but he practically flings him across the table (that’s one way of showing how you feel)


Princess Kwenthrith has been saved by Aethelwulf and now there is something going on between them, but Judith had it coming !



Lagertha is – well she is basically falling in the “love trap” of Kalf but he has planned to send a man to kill Bjorn so I don’t know if he is pretending to be on Lagertha’s side or he truly means it.. hard to judge (but soo good looking).



Bjorn literally Re-enacts “The Revenant” with the whole Bear Fight but he does not get his back ripped off Thank God !

I literally felt like crying every time I saw Helga – what a dedicated wife; respect her soo much more, the way she stood up for hours making sure not a drop of water would fall on Floki’s head… Love her ! What a true babe.

The EP ends with something I was not expecting. Both Ragnar and King Ecbert see Athelstan’s ghost. He washes Ragnar’s feet; speaks to both of them saying only one word which is “mercy” (thats when Ragnar free’s Floki) .


Ragnar finally goes and cuts the ropes Floki has been hanging from but we have no idea what he will do in the next episode.

He tells Helga to tell Floki of their daughters death 😥

King Ecbert tells Judith he thinks Athelstan is dead .


So I’m stoked for the next EP because that mammoth of a man is after Bjorn, also will Lagertha find out about Kalf?



ohhh  Hurry up !!!!

Got some sneak preview scenes from the next EP … Rollo .. FINALLY !


Love Prin

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