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Sapphire Spring Collection 2016

The New Sapphire collection is here!

I prefer pret wear so bought myself two gorgeous shirts.

The first one has a beautiful flower print, if you ask any of my friends they will say most probably half my wardrobe is full of flower prints … It was 2350 Rupees (Not bad).


He loves the floral soo much it hurts

The second shirt is black and white but the back is soo lovely its got little black palm trees imprinted – will try to post a pic of that if not visible but you can see it around the neckline. Price- 1750 Rupees

My bed cover is floral too :’)

And the third is this beautiful blue with yet again FLOWERS 😛 . Also it comes with a scarf . Price – 3650 Rupees



Now for the Unstitched. Ohh these beautiful prints are perfect for summer!


Here are the pics:



Absolutely love the range this season and the floral bright prints make it soo summery!

lets beat the heat  – don’t like the sun tho urghh sweat 😥

but ice cream !!

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