GUERLAIN La petit robe noire nail polish

Hey Dolls,

So  managed to get a hold of one of these beautiful nail polishes; fairly new to the stores.Once again Selfridges!

Now what attracted me to this was  not only the bottle but the fact that its scented! Yes scented nail polish.. Was perusing the website and came across the description: floral fruity fragrance (Love Flowers so yno), featuring accents of Bergamot, Rose and Raspberry.

The pigments are gorgeous and they give this shimmery look, its long lasting and super shiny so no need to waste time at the salon .

Gwen Loves it

This is the colour I got its 001 – My first nail. If you apply it once it gives a light glittery shine, keeping it simple and sweet for everyday!

Not my hands like but shout out to whoever’s hand it is your a babe!


And here are all the other shades with pics below :

  • 001 My First Nail Polish
  • 002 Pink Tie
  • 003 Red Heels
  • 007 Black Perfect
  • 022 Red Bow Tie
  • 042 Fire Bow
  • 061 Pink Ballerinas
  • 063 Pink Button

Get buying my lovelies I shall be buying more too ❤

Check this out even though it’s Chanel haha Love It !
Your Prin ❤

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