Just Life <3

Always do what you feel is right !

What I’v noticed is in some societies or cultures people tend to pressurise and be extremely judgemental. Growing up I was a free spirit, always told to become whatever I wanted to be.


What I never understood was how people could force or look down on children/young adults for the profession they chose.

For e.g when I told people I was into arts and wanted to be a Makeup Artist they would look at me as though “but why aren’t you becoming a doctor”? “you can do that on the side”?

What did I do ?

Ā I didn’t listen; pursued my courses and became what I wanted to be. After that I started my Bachelors in Political Science and journalism and THIS is “just on the side” šŸ˜› .

Ohhh ok Calm Down now Ryan I get it !

I want to keep it short and sweet. My message is people are wrong to judge you. Do what you feel is right as they are not living your life for you – You ARE!

If you will not do what makes you happy then whats the point really?

My Fav quote since childhood “Be Who You Wanna Be” (Kind of from the barbie slogan LOL )




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