Jane The Virgin – Chapter 36

So there was a lot of drama going on in this episode.

Things are good between Michael and Jane-Like really good! They’re back to eating cubanos, catching up on TV dramas and sharing family dinners.

However things don’t stay that way for long. It would have been their first wedding anniversary had they stayed together and Michael presents Jane with a gift only for her to  open it — wait ? Wasnt that her idea? When she had to give that rather awkward massage to Angelique?

she begins to put a plagiarism case together with michael ❤


Michael and Rafael well there is a lot of tension. Its understated at times, but then its right there in the face. I mean I get Rafael is upset but he’s going out with like every girl on the planet ..

Petra is clearly seeing all this happen and gives him a telling off; asks Jane to help.On the way Petra switches on the radio and guess what – Angelique is having a book signing near that area she and Jane head over to the bookstore with the intent of confronting Angelique about the plagiarism.

So they are about to confront her when … Petra’s water breaks. And Jane comes to the rescue. Petra was really in a huff :’)

Petra gives birth to twin girls called… wait for it


Meanwhile Rogelio tries to escape but he’s still kidnapped 😦


It was all so lovely but its what comes next that I LOVED !

Jane is leaving the hospital and well – Michael PROPOSES (again) and she says ? … And I’m team Michael so yes I got emosh !


Love you Michael ❤ ❤ Prin

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