MockingJay Part 2

Hey 🙂

So a Tweep told me to review this movie. Now I loved the first two movies but then sort of, well Mockingjay was alright and then this second part well;

It starts from where we left off, Katniss is still healing from that failed strangling attempt by Peeta. We find out that he has been brainwashed by the Capitol. The rebels attack and disable the Capitol’s weapons arsenal in District 2.

He’s having a bad day !


While Katniss is trying to gain more followers and tells the loyalists to help her kill snow, she is herself shot at and attacked.

Alma Coin (Julianne Moore) refuses to allow her into battle.

At Finnick and Annie’s wedding, Johana suggests Katniss sneak aboard a supply ship leaving for the Capitol, where Commander Paylor is planning an invasion. Unable to bring her back, Coin has her assigned to the “Star Squad”, led by Boggs and includes Gale (Liam Hemsworth) Finnick (Sam Claflin) , Cressida, Messalla, Castor, Pollux, Jackson, the Leeg twins, Mitchell, and Homes; they will follow in relative safety behind the actual invasion of the Capitol providing video of their incursion for propaganda purposes.

What’s super odd is that Peeta (is sooo gorgeous) joins them even though he’s not fully recovered!

As they venture deeper into the Capitol, Boggs triggers a pod which sets off a land mine and mortally wounds him, and transfers command of the Holo to Katniss before dying. A holo is basically a holographic map.

Bless the babe !

The team descends into the Capitol’s sewers to avoid further pod… they are attacked by mutts – which are rank. The awful part is as Finnick is telling everyone to escape he stays back; climbs the ladder but is pulled back by the mutts and basically dies 😥 ..

Tigris a former Hunger Games stylist (who is super creepy, like its unreal) and rebel sympathizer, hides them in her basement.

That Face .

We find out where Katniss’s heart truly lies

Snow invites everyone to his mansion where they will be protected. Aeroplanes drop parcels to the people which turn out to be bombs. The worst thing is a team of rebel medics attempt to help the injured, amongst them one is Prim. A second wave of bombs detonate, killing Prim and knocking Katniss unconscious.


Katniss learns the Capitol has been conquered, and Snow captured. When Katniss confronts Snow, he claims that Coin orchestrated the bombing outside his mansion to turn his soldiers against him. Katniss realizes that the incident resembles a trap that Gale had developed earlier.When Gale is unable to assure Katniss that the bombs were not of his design, Katniss cuts all ties with him.

Katniss wants to execute Snow herself and wins the votes. At the execution Katniss aims her bow and arrow at Snow but then ends up aiming at Coin ( good she’s proper horrible). Snow is tortured and killed by the angry mob (that’s good too flipping evil sadistic Santa wannabe).

Katniss returns to her district to find Peeta there too. They are soo cute together. I genuinely think he is the best character with such a loving heart not to mention (again) he is really good looking 😛 .

They end up a couple and many years later they have two children. It ends with her asking her baby daughter is she has had a bad dream .. and then she says:

“There are much worse games to play.”

But This last scene underneath ! And with that I shall say the chemistry between Jennifer and Josh was truly superb!

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