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Blogger Tag !

Thanks Amna for the Blogger tag 🙂 here are my answers to your questions.

1.Prioritize the following; good company,good books, a good wardrobe

hmm well for me I suppose it’s essential to have a good wardrobe so you can hang out with good company and hence discuss good books 😛

2.What do people like the most about you?

ermm well I have heard my friends say im down to earth and honest so I guess that ohh and I love to have a right laugh LOL

3. 3 words that DON’T define you for sure

Show-off, Selfish, Wannabe ( Know your culture ) 😛

4. If you could go back in time and change the way you reacted in a particular situation, what would it be and how would you like to change it?

There are soo many things I would like to change but I guess I would have loved to have gone ahead and auditioned for the Harry Potter movie when I was living in Liverpool .. just imagine if I would have got the part? Even as an extra .. I mean its HP for Gods Sake. Also I would wish I had decided to become a makeup artist sooner and not worry about what others thought buy hey I guess it made me a stronger person and I learnt soo much from it, always do what you want!

5.What would be your pick up line

HAHA I’ve never ever used one but I guess when I find my future husband and get married one day I’ll be like whatever you say .. HUSBAE 😛 LOL cheesy I know ! Or hey baby will you be my jalebi hahah oh dear LORD

The bloggers I will tag for this are

1.    With all my affection

2.  Gigi

Do give it a try 🙂




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