Batman v Superman

So the highly anticipated movie was realeased around ten days back and I finally managed to watch it.



Let me just say i am going to go and see it AGAIN !! INSANEE!

When I first saw Ben Affleck in the suit it was like DAM, he has bulked up, he looked hugeee ( in a positive way) but my God he looked good.

Superman looked … A BEAST – not to mention super super good looking God bless him ❤ , I’ve been in love with him since forever and Henry Cavill has been my fav since “The Tudors” so you can understand me if I shall be a little bias.

The movie is directed by Zack Snyder and is a follow up from The Man Of Steel, here’s what it’s about:

It’s been about 18 months since the destructive battle with General Zod (The man who’s literally lying on the surgical table with just a little cloth on which was weird) in Metropolis (Man of steel), Superman has become a debatable issue; is he truly protecting the humans of Earth or is he causing more disaster?


Clark Kent has moved in with Lois Lane (FINALLY) and he brings her flowers while she is having a bath which is crazy sweet (but weird) but still crazy sweet :’)

Meanwhile “THE” Batman has been operating in Gotham nearly 2 decades; seeing Superman as a potential threat to humanity and the feelings mutual !

Wayne learns that weapon trafficker Anatoli has been contacting lexcorp’s mogul Lex Luthor

Hate him but Jesse Eisenberg my days what a performance!


Luthor tries to convince Senator June Finch to permit him to import kryptonite that was found in the Indian ocean, claiming to use it as a “deterrent” against Kryptonians ( clearly lying the little meff). He also makes side dealings with Finch’s subordinate and demands access to Zod’s body and the Kryptonian scout ship. In the next meeting with Luthor, Finch denies his request.

Wayne attends Luthor’s party at LexCorp, Clark is there too! Brucey meets mysterious antiques dealer Diana Prince (Gal Gadot), and steals data from the company’s mainframe. The data drive, is stolen by Diana, who later returns it to Bruce-due to her inability to decrypt the data.


While decrypting the drive at the Batcave, Wayne receives a vision of a post-apocalyptic world, where he leads a group of rebels against Superman. He is snapped out of the vision by a mysterious time traveller, who warns him of Lois lane’s crucial role in the distant future, and urges him to find “the others” (I’ve just clocked on it was The Flash OMG).

So Wayney later realises that Lex is not only experimenting with kryptonite, but also investigating Metahumans. One of the people that pop up is Diana an immortal warrior !


Wayne informs  Alfred that he wants to steal the Kryptonite to weaponise it; should it be necessary to fight Superman. Batman attempts and fails as Superman intercedes and orders him to cease his activities

The world wants to hear the truth from superman so he is summoned to congressional hearing; dirty little rat Luther plants a bomb and superman unable to save the people goes into exile from the guilt.

Luthor kidnaps his mother and leaves him with no choice but to fight and kill Batman. The tragic part is Superman tries to explain he does not want to fight but noo ooo Batman is having none of it.

Basically then comes the thing we were all waiting for, the fight off. It was such a good fight my days you cannot imagine. The way Batman has chalked out each move; Superman is hit with krypotine and weak for sometime but that one scene when batman is punching him and the metal literally gets crushed because of Clark’s face – now that’s the real man of steel you should see Batman’s reaction :’) .





Right I’m still a bit hyped about those fight scenes .. OH MY GOD. you would think nahh Superman is way stronger but the way Batman used his techniques and planned his strategies beforehand was simply beautiful.



A moment that gets to me is when Batman has the spear in his hand ready to stab superman when he hears him whisper “Martha” he stops and in anger demands how he knows that name to which he replies “Save… Martha”. Lois makes it in time to explain that is his mothers name so they have more in common than they think.



Luthor creates  a VILE  creature made from Zod’s body mixed with his own DNA. Superman, Batman and finally Wonderwoman join forces to fight the creature (her entrance into the battle was stunning) however they are outmatched by its ability to absorb energy 😦




    Check this out underneath – BEAST




Realising that it is vulnerable to kryptonite, Superman retrieves the kryptonite spear, what was so beautifully epic was right in the heat of battle he heard Lois struggling for air as she was trapped under water and he disappears mid way to save her- what a man ❤;


telling her he loves her ( I cried )  he stabs that disgusting creature; it resists piercing him with its bone protrusions, killing Superman (I CRIED EVEN MORE).

when he said this before going

                                                                   This is my world.

Lois, I love you.


Luthor is arrested and imprisoned (DESPISE HIM) . A private funeral is held for Superman in Smallville. Martha gives Lois an envelope that contains a ring – he was going to propose which makes it even worse, by now I was hysterical. That’s when Batman says he failed Superman- and  wants to form a team of Metahumans – yesssss the Justice League!



That was my hand – Always and Forever hun.                                                           Always and Forever

Now something that made me stop crying was the fact that after everyone departs the funeral, a faint heartbeat echoes from Clark’s coffin and the dirt around it begins to levitate – which means he is still alive (you cannot imagine how happy  I was my friend was looking at me as if I’m a creep one minute balling my eyes out then jumping for joy).


It’s most definitely worth a watch, do tell me what you think ❤ <3.

I love you Superman if you’re reading this I genuinely am your Lois !

He knows ❤

Love Prinny

He Agreed 😛

2 thoughts on “Batman v Superman

    1. thanks 🙂 and yes its not perfect I do wish there was a flow between scenes I guess superman and batman had different stories and they were trying to link it together. They could have definitely improved and it then would have been WOW . But saying that I will see it again because Superman is my fav :’) and that fight omg


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