Panama Papers

I’m not into politics even though the student advisor told me to take political science – wish I never said yes. But like all of you I was a bit – actually very disturbed after hearing about the panama papers.

Tbh I’m just disgusted, those leaders are suppose to be an example to the citizens that they too are fair, non corrupt and pay their taxes like everyone else.



I’m sorry but how ignorant of them to even think they could have kept this hidden; they are leaders of countries, ministers and friends of those high up. Just goes to show how selfish and unintelligent they really are.

Honestly I would not even want to; since it’s all stolen from the country !

When I heard that billions were taken, where did those “billions” come from? The “normal” hard working people- yep once more we are the ones who suffer while they stuff their pockets.

Ye thats what you thought
Absolutely Disgusted!



I know I’m ranting but I  was so furious; had to. I hope they all admit to their dreadful acts and resign. Keep your dirty money and just get lost, hope you never ever get as much power as you had – so that you can destroy the image and name of our countries and you have lost all respect from the people . Nasty  Meffs !



(Love to all my followers and people who read this- except those dirty rats ofcourse) 😛

Your Prin ❤

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