Henry VIII and His Six Wives

As most of my family & friends know, I have been OBSESSED with King Henry VIII and the history behind “The Tudors”  ; started back when I was 9 years old doing a school project and its never died down since .. I mean I’m nearly 24 :’)

Literally watched all the dramas and movies related to him “The Tudors” being my absolute fav I mean Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill in one drama  AH MAY ZINGG. I don’t think anything can live up to that drama but lets wait and see !!

Cuties they love one another
Besties ❤

Basically here is a new docu-drama on the life of King Henry .. I shall give a little insight :

Henry will be played by Charlie Clements also known as Bradley from Eastenders – He’s changed quite a bit but loving the beard ! As you know there had been a lot of drama in his lifetime. But what caused so much controversy was that he had six wives – if your went to a primary school in England you will know that little rhyme the teachers would say

” Divorced , Beheaded , Died , Divorced , Beheaded , Survived !

Not only that but he changed the laws of the church all in the name of love – I mean OK that was a bold move and it’s quite attractive (yno all for love an all ) but then he beheaded her so its like awkkwardd ..


As Bradley
As Henry
One of his wives – Hope she’s not beheaded 😥
Did you say .. Beheaded?



Watch the trailer here ..


Did you like it?
It’s good ! What? You want to go out for dinner? OK why not  ❤

Catch it on Channel 5 Fridays at 8pm

Love Your Prinny ❤



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