Vikings – The Last Ship

Oh My God !

So who saw EP 10? I’m still buzzing from watching it … Flipping HELL.

So here is what happened :

It all begins with this intense scene of boats from both sides; this time there are no barriers, ropes or walls to shield them with.The French troops are slightly overwhelmed at the start of this collision the sheer determination and power of the Vikings – come on do you blame them ? They’re fricken BEASTS.

Rollo ain’t giving up tho

All were in top form; Lagertha slashing any man who came within her reach , Bjorn slitting open any soldier within his sight and Floki just being an absolute nutter prancing about but in rage ( just imagine).

There’s this scene where Rollo and Ragnar are staring at each other , their boats collide and they wait , they keep waiting till the right moment; Ragnar and Rollo leap – literally leap with their swords raised and – CLASH. That was EPIC- OMG. FINALLY you see the brothers fighting viciously. I mean there is no holding back (its your brother for Gods sake) but no they feel rage and they want one or the other dead.

He still loves him .. in a hateish way



I’m actually quite surprised at how good Ragnar was fighting even though he’s clearly stoned, I mean he’s still taking those Chinese herbal medicines.

My Days

The battle becomes immense for both sides however the Vikings have devastating losses. Lagertha takes a blow to her side and its quite deep, Bjorn’s girlfriend/kind of wife gets an arrow in her arm, Floki is literally stabbed in his stomach but he’s still demented ( I love him though) – those two brothers I don’t like well one of them dies.

As the fight becomes intense the Vikings manage to release the anchor that is keeping both boats together , Bjorn carries his mother to safety . Rollo is wanting to carry on the fight as does Ragnar but that scene where Ragnar is plunging forward but is pulled back by 2 warriors who throw him onto the boat – he’s screamingt to leave him but they don’t. One word – Brilliant .

Meanwhile Gisla is praying like .. loads to save Rollo .. it worked babe ❤


Rollo returns literally a saviour of Paris, he’s walking down the street with people praising him and showering him with flowers. Gisla is overjoyed to see him (As was I) .


he’s crowned as ” Caesar ”


Now it gets interesting – the scene jumps years ahead where a man visits Queen Aslaug and Bjorn informing them of how their settlement in Wessex was destroyed years back and Ragnar had hid it from them . Bjorn goes and shares the news with his brothers. (Magnus isn’t there tho) .

OH my daysss have they grown up – I always  get their names mixed up but remember the one they use to call the “crippled one” (Ivar I think ) ino its proper tight yno that name but let me just say – bright blue eyes and dark hair – he is beautiful.


They’re all discussing how “father” has been missing , what I loved about this scene was they all look soo close. Bjorn’s pony has gone really long like – really (needs to tell me what shampoo he uses )

Oh I forgot he visits Floki who seems to be calmer and talks of boats that shall travel to Mediterranean – Floki obviously says he will go with him and so shall the lovely Helga (babe) . He gets all hyper then .


The EP ends with Ragnar returning. Now when you first see him its like WOW – those eyes. His beard is longer but I tell you what – he looks absolutely amazing and buff ! He sees his sons after years and offers them their revenge – to kill him. It ends with him Yelling



“Who wants to be king”

I for one cannot WAIT for Vikings to return. and Michel Hirst you are Magnificent !

Ima leave you with this !! Just click it .. you’ll thank me later



Love Your Prin ❤


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