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Cafe Zouk

Hey Prinnies ,

So me and my friends managed to take some time out and headed to MM Alam RD . Cafe Zouk is known to have good food and its clean and most of all hygienic which is a big thing for me since the reviews about other restaurants recently..

My friend got the beef burger



and me …

Twas Yum



Well I am a fussy eater – it takes me some time to order but Β managed to pick the dish it was cooked in coconut milk / cream, had button mushrooms and small thai red chillis but it was not spicy as I don’t eat too much spice.

And the garlic rice was – Perf !

So I’ve tried a coconut cream dish before from another restaurant and was not impressed but this one .. YES , it was good … 8/10

Do try it ❀

It’s goooood


4 thoughts on “Cafe Zouk

  1. I visited cage zouk a couple of years ago. my sis liked the death by chocolate of zouk. But as i made my way down the stairs to the cafe, it was a turn off for me. Watching young people doing sheesha in the glass room was depressing. if i am not wrong zouk was also sealed by punjab food authority for using rotten vegetables. I find english tea house the best place for food in lahore, followed by the road vendor next to lahore board building who sells kebabs πŸ˜›

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    1. which zouk was this? The one in Lahore i don’t think it has a downstairs as far as I know but maybe it’s setting has changed over the years, no sheesha either . It’s sad you didn’t like it do go again and see it’s probably changed since then and you might like it now πŸ™‚ . I myself find it a little small but the food is good. English Tea House is lovely but I’ve been soo many times nearly every dish I’ve tried lol


      1. Its the zouk cafe on mm alam road. do u know where LEVIS outfit was previously, its opposite to that. or coming from the mobilink office side, its on the left side just after you cross the round about.
        Have you tried Burger Hub, Personally, i like their burgers more than any other place in pakistan. I have tried burgers from almost every burger outlets in pak, but burger hub was always best with their quality.
        Breakfast of English Tea House is no match, their scrambled eggs served with olives, sausages, brown bread and tea is just delicious. Coffee planet in islamabad is the other best for breakfast,

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  2. Yep that’s the same zouk πŸ™‚ I’ve personally not tried Burger Hub my friends said it was not as good but now I shall see for myself. Every other place I’ve tried (as I am a burger addict lol ) and still I would probs say that nothing competes the superstar from hardees πŸ™‚ . And you’re right about ETH’s breakfast its great ! πŸ™‚

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