Quantico – Ep 21 “Closure”

So who watched the episode?

Well this is what has been happening:

It all starts with Alex finding out that there is another possible attack in the city…. As we all know the conspirator is Drew .. can you believe it . I mean WHY !

To make matters worse, it seems that Alex has been carrying the bomb. It can be remembered that she stole Ryan’s (Jake McLaughlin) car, which turns out to have been planted with the bomb

So Alex is trying to convince Drew that it does not have to end this way however he isn’t having any of it luckily she’s also got her own phone on speaker, so Shelby can hear everything that’s happening.Once she grabs Senator Haas’s attention and drags her to the FBI, they both convince Miranda that Alex is a victim in all of this and the bureau needs to do anything and everything in finding Drew.

Just stole ryan’s car

So  Ryan Booth is totally a goodie and super cute …. however  there’s not only one terrorist but there could be more terrorists/traitors in the series. Miranda does say that Ryan has to hand over his gun and all because all the data (that Alex had put onto his laptop) makes it seem more suspicious (she has to question Ryan) – but he was obvs being framed.

ohh Iris and Caleb kind of become friends .. again

Nimah and Raina I always mix the two up but think its Raina who’s struggling with making her decision about staying in the FBI . She really likes Simon which is soo sweet.

With  Caleb and Raina’s help, the FBI tracks the signal to an address… where Drew and Simon are tied together. Yeps Drew is not the bad guy –  That voice wasn’t Drew’s I mean well it was  Drew’s but someone else was using it to tell Alex what to do. After Simon breaks Drew’s thumb (with his permission ofcourse) to free them he manages to get out before the FBI comes. Ryan’s team trips a bomb connected to the door, and it’s unclear what happens to Drew, before the Bomb goes off he warns Alex .. hope he’s alive because he’s a babe ❤

What happens next …. Miranda  sneaks into a house with her gun drawn. On a desk, she finds schematics for doing stuff with bombs and lots of computer monitors with video feeds from Alex’s apartment, Shelby’s , FBI headquarters, etc. Someone enters behind her, she faces them and says she knew he was behind it the minute that footage showing the bomb in the FBI parking garage was leaked to the press.



Liam.That dirty little rat. He’s got the bomb in, like a manky little bag




She then asks him

he responds .. “To make things right,”

Then the greasy little meff shoots her . Hate him

So what will happen in the finale .. I for one cannot wait

No u weren’t cos u were too busy killing Miranda

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