Peaky Blinders

SO Peaky Blinders is back, who watched EP 2? OH DEAR … here’s what happened:

So it all begins with that fantastic opening;  Tommy walking through a factory; smoke, noise and a lot of fire. It made it feel like they were back to proper business.

A Russian man from the Changretta family has a meeting with the Shelby’s stating his son is allowed to be with any woman he wants . Arthur has  become a little bit soft (but I love that about him because he actually does care , a-little, about how others feel) however , John ain’t having any of it… just see his face.


I love it when in the middle he asks

 ” you want tea”    :’)


We were introduced to a rather creepy Father John Hughes who clearly has more on mind than just church.

Also the  “Petrovna” aristocrat – the Russian Duke who is in serious debt but manages to eat caviar like all the time. Pays Tommy with an insanely huge sapphire stone. Like its Massive!


John is furious even though Arthur told him to apologise and Polly said compromise, he makes a decision of his own

Eventually Tommy has to find out

Poor Finn everyone tells him to “Go Away”

But Tommy says


Much to everyone’s surprise, he says that John did the right thing and that the Italians should prepare for something much worse. Did everyone see that weird stare Polly gave John at the end of the scene while she was really loudly slurping her tea :’) ..


Aunt Poll’s mysterious admirer  (the one who randomly brought her champagne at the wedding ) turns out to be a painter – one with a major crush on her .Ada invites him to the charity dinner as Polly looks on in shock (but she’s loving it) .Ada still works in the library and Tommy does pay a visit near the start of the EP . Asking her

Can I rip a page out of this book

had me laughing at how casually he asked.

So in between all of this commotion there’s this one clip where Tommy , Grace and their little boy have a day out together . He’s telling him to touch the goldfish and smiling and that was the sweetest thing ever since Tommy is normally such a tough guy.

Grace has been hooked on sending everyone letters, she has been in touch with the city’s Top “well known” people for the family’s charity event.

She looks absolutely ravishing in her sapphire necklace and gown. I must say so does Polly ❤


But its not all happy, Tommy has unexpected visitors, when he returns after dealing with them he is introduced to the stunning princess  Tatiana Petrovna who informed him that nothing would ever make her wear that necklace.

A panicked Tommy goes in search for Grace and urges her to take off the necklace (believing it to be cursed) .

And then the slow motion scene we were all dreading. A gun is pointed towards Grace, Tommy in horror tries pushing her out of the way but the bullet hits her in the chest just like it did Tommy when Grace shot him (First season – I think season 1 finale )

She fell to the floor and Tommy is holding on to her screaming for the ambulance – everything becomes slow motion , you see Polly grabbing her dress and running to find help .The Blinders begin their usual beating of the man who shot Grace and God knows what happens to him .

Slo-Mo Scene

I for one hope – really hope Grace survives this because she is my absolute fav and her and Tommy are amazing (even though Tommy loves me too ) . Please Grace you must live ❤



Love Prin Shelby ❤ 😛

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