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So as you all know its summer, or its nearly here . Most of you have probably booked your holidays and now its time to – workout . We all need that summer body .

Well – I love sportswear Tbh I’m always in my sweatpants and top (most comfy) . Here are a few things to buy for the “summer workouts”.


   1.Adidas by Stella Mccartney -Essential hooded jersey top  £90


2 . Adidas by Stella Mccartney -The performance seven-eighth jersey leggings £70

Superman ❤

3 . Falke Ergonomic Sport System-Fabric running cap £25

4. Blitz- Pro Gel hand wraps

Desperately want to learn Boxing so these are ideal ❤

4 .  SIGG – Aluminium water bottle 1L -£17

5 . BLITZ-Firepower muay thai leather boxing gloves



6. Selfridges -Y3 yoga mat – £65

7.  New Era All Black Diamond Mesh Cap with White NY Embroidery-£23.00



Now go for a jog – off you pop (lazy meffs )

❤ Prin

2 thoughts on “SportsWear

  1. Oh I own several pairs of the yoga pants that don’t do yoga; I’ve got sweatsuits that have never seen sweat…they’re great for lounging around the house.

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