The Winds of Winter – GoT

So I’m pretty sure everyone’s mind was literally blown – I mean not like margaery’s but OH MY GOD .


The episode started off with the trials, everyone is preparing for the worst.  Loras confesses his sins and becomes part of the Seven Gods thingy.


However something is up , Cersei has not turned up to her own hearing and the king is not present.

The high sparrow sends his little mignons to go and find her , Lancel Lannister (the really goodlooking monk type person) goes after a little boy .

Little did he know what was planned.

Grand Maester Pycelle is lured by Qyburn’s little birds to an ambush. It is quite a scene . A group of little children with knives gather together and begin stabbing the old man to death. *Shocked*

Anyways, Lancel is literally in the cellars , he cannot find the little boy he was following only to turn around and be attacked by him ; fatal wound makes it hard for him to escape as he gathers strength to look up he finds that barrels are filled with green liquid—wildfire.

Margaery is the only one to notice something’s wrong , she pleads for everyone to leave but the sparrows army hold them back , there’s this one scene where the Sparrow realises his foolish mistake but its too late , he and everyone is consumed by green flames.


Lancel tries all he can to stop it but ..

The music was exceptional ; best music on television that i have heard so far . Right from the first scene till the last, just about every bit was beautiful. The sombre touch of piano welcomes us to the Hall. The struggle of Lancel , the coronation .. ahh it was just fantastic.

You have to give it to Cersei though her skill and planning. No one knew what was coming, and man did she have a plan.

She is a right cow … but what an evil genius

I felt awful for Tommen , he could not take it . It was all too much for him and he gently places the crown from his head on the table and plummeted to his death 😦 .

Basically  Cersei kills the High Sparrow,  Loras Tyrell, Margaery Tyrell, the Lord of High garden himself and her own uncle Kevan Lannister, all in one go .

Jaime is attending a feast to celebrate the return of Riverrun to the Freys, Lord Frey tries to talk to Jaime but hes jut not really bothered.

We’re both kingslayers. Fear, is power.

to which Jaime responds

But people don’t fear the Freys. They fear the Lannisters. And what good are the Freys to the Lannisters if every time they lose Riverrun the Lannisters have to go and win it back for them?

After Jaime’s troops leave we return to a now emptied great hall. Lord Frey is on his bill :’)  and when the serving girl we saw making eye contact at Jaime returns to feed him, she brings him pies.

Pies, filled with Lord Frey’s sons.

“Where are my sons?”


 “They’re right here,”

the serving girl says, pointing to the pies.

A moment later, she peels off her face. OMG it’s Arya Stark. She slits his throat the same way her own mother’s throat was cut – KARMAAA , in the very same hall at the Red Wedding. But not before she lets him know that his sons are dead, and that she’s a Stark, back for revenge – YESSSSSS ARYAA !


Sam’s back in this EP bless him. When hes passing that letter :’)

That library is surreal , please let me live there !

Davos confronts Melisandre before Jon over the burning of the princess Shireen. He wants Jon to execute her for murder. For a split second it feels like that’s going to happen However , she tells him she has always been ready for death but there is a huge war coming against the white walkers and he will need her help.


Jon banishes her and tells her to ride south otherwise he will execute her if shes ever seen in the north .

But the big news is .. wait for it …

Jon snow is a flipping Targaryen……

After the fight at the Tower of Joy, where Eddard just barely won over the King’s Guard, he goes upstairs to finds his sister in a pool of blood. It is blood from a delivery that’s gone very badly for poor Lyanna. Shes actually  dying from child birth.

Bran is watching all of this in his vision, but he doesn’t lean in very close when Lyanna whispers into Ned’s ear. All we hear is “His name is…”. Robert would have no reason to kill the child if it belonged to Lyanna and just some random man. But the reason he’d kill the child is if it was  Rhaegar Targaryen’s the crown prince of Westeros, who Robert slayed at the Battle of the Trident.

There’s this one scene where everyone is bickering and ranting at the Lords Manderly and Glover for their shameful refusal to help Jon Snow.  Lady Mormont juts into the convo stating Jon snow is the rightful Lord of the north ! LOVE HER !! DIVA !


Sansa is NOT trusting little finger . And shes clearly besties with jon !

That bit where she says ” Jon, Winter is here ” and the violins in the background was just .. wanted to cry I did .


Then there’s this :’)

Daenarys is leaving the dull slaver cities for Westeros. She’s got her barbarian Dothraki, lots of ships and oh there is also three dragons. Tyrion is Hand of the Queen  and she has her trusted advisers all around her. Only Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis won’t be accompanying her.


They have noooo idea whats coming … I want Dany and Jon to meet …




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