Animal Kingdom

A new series to add to my watch list .

I am loving it so far and here’s what It’s all about :

First of all the series is Loosely adapted from the 2010 Australian film of the same name.

The main title sequence for the  drama is awesome; 60 seconds long, but creating it actually took upto 20 hours of raw footage, much of it consisting of slow-motion shots of a tattoo needle piercing flesh.


So there’s this person getting a tattoo in slow motion – the beating of the needle against the skin, the ink  and the super heavy music – it all goes so well together. Apparently producers had to find someone who was willing to get inked for free by Chicago’s Brown Brothers Tattoo.

In “Animal Kingdom,” Ellen Barkin (babe – who’s also in Oceans 13) plays Smurf also known as Janine Cody. A loving but dangerous woman ( and a very strange mum – her relationship with her boys can get awkward ) who oversees her four sons drug dealing and  armed robberies.


It’s seen from Joshua’s (also called J ) perspective. He moves in with his grandmother (Smurf) after his mothers over dose  😦 . He soon gets sucked into the life of his uncles who tell him to do odd jobs and assist them with their tasks. J is pretty different from his brothers being a high achiever in school , bright , sensitive and a very good surfer!


And the four uncles are

Barry “Baz” Brown – Adopted son of Janine and leader in the Cody’s robberies – Played by Scott Speedman (Underworld)


Craig Cody – the middle Cody – Played by Ben Robson ( Kalf from vikings ❤ )

Fav ❤

.Andrew “Pope” Cody – the oldest Cody son – Played by Shawn Hatosy

Deran Cody –  the youngest Cody son – Played by Jack Weary


Then there’s Joshua played by Finn cole (From the Peaky Blindersssss)


Don’t want to give much away so start watching guys !



Love Prin

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