Clarins !

New Clarins products .

  1.  Daily energiser lovely lip balm £16 –

I love this , Keep your lips from getting dry . It has a hydrating formula  which reacts to the natural PH of your lips, so you have a unique rosy/ pinkish glow. Soft scent of peach – A MUST HAVE!

Look at the case ❤

2. Hand cream trio kit £25

Featuring three lightly scented formulas, including fig leaf, white tea and orange.

Dry Hands ?

3. Treatment fragrance trio £25

Here’s the description on the website :

ClarinsTreatment Fragrance Trio combines perfume with the treatment power of plants in accordance with the principles of aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Blended to firm, replenish and uplift, each bottle from this covetable collection leaves a mesmerising trail on the skin.

Super cute ❤


4. Instant light natural lip perfectors £18

You can apply these ontop of your lipstick or even without , comes in two shades

Orange shimmer
Red shimmer (I love this)
Ignore the pink shimmer -Thanks whoever gave this swatch ❤

Love Prinny *Mwah*

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