Victoria Beckham – Estée Lauder

I’m actually super excited I cant even type properly … OK . So i have always loved Victoria Beckham , her style , clothes , face –  just everything about her really she is a stunning woman ❤ and now she has collaborated with Estée Lauder and yes dreams really do come true !

So here are a few things that I LOVE and I’m sure you guys will too !

  1.                Victoria Beckham illuminator morning aura- £68.00
A gold flecked 2 in 1 moisturiser and primer that leaves you with flawless skin with a hint of sparkle !


2 . Victoria Beckham brazilian nude lipstick-£36.00



You cannot go wrong with a nude lipstick

3 . Victoria Beckham eye palette-£68.00



Love the shimmers . That emerald green ❤





4 . Victoria Beckham java sun bronzer-£48.00

Sun kissed Glow



5 . Victoria beckham eye ink eye shadow-£36.00

Just look at the colour ! I NEED !

Highly pigmented black gel powder



6 . Victoria Beckham Moroccan heat lip gloss-£28.00

Thanks soo much Victoria ❤ I shall be buying .. Everything

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