Food <3

Cafe Nataliya

Recently me and my friends went to the newly opened cafe Nataliya.


Well I am a foodie but I’m really quite fussy and my friends are always like ohh God she’s got ahold of the menu …

Well my besties tried to help me decide and this is what we ordered .

Chicken Cordon Bleu – Now I thought it was stuffed with blue cheese (I hate blue cheese, tried it once in Manchester and was totally grossed out ) but thank God it wasn’t otherwise..  Anyway’s it was delicious.  ZOZO ordered the Penne Arribiata which was grilled chicken with spicy tomato sauce and pasta ❤

Dija ordered the Spicy fish with garlic rice which looked awesome . She said the fish was soo fresh and super tasty .

Sorry if the quality of the pic isn’t great.

Then the Parmesan chicken … Now the chicken was nice but it wasn’t my favourite I must say the first dish I ordered was fantastic … This was good though 🙂


On to desserts !!

So I ordered the Molten Lava cake , Dija the caramel bread and butter pudding and Zozo the Nutella bread and butter pudding… Not sure if i took a pic of Zozo’s dessert .. All three were Perfection !! Loved the desserts and 10/10 for them all !

I adore the presentation of the food it really does bring it to life with all the colours and flavours ! I for one will most definitely be visiting again .. and soon !

Here is the full Menu

Do visit and tell me what you guys think … I Love it !

Ohh Arya !

Your Prinny ❤

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