So a new series yet again historical began airing quite recently. If you all miss Robb stark ( I do)  then Medici Masters of Florence is definitely the show to watch !


Season 1 explores Cosimo’s (Richard Madden) journey, displaying his love of art which in turn (with the help of great influence,power and not to mention being head of the Medici bank) leads to the Renaissance. This season depicts the beginning of the revolution.

Throughout the season you will learn the ways in which the Medici’s dealt with banking & trade, which aided in their rise to power. However, you see another side to Cosimo. One where the pressures of family (Dustin Hoffman is his dad ❤ ), culture and society force him into decisions that he would not accept otherwise.


His  wife is absolutely stunning  (He can be a bit moody towards her but WHY .. Just look at her <3) !  Then there’s Biana ❤



She does not like Bianca ..

I loved one of his quote’s

“One must do bad in order to do good”

Bless that face !

Don’t want to give many spoilers so you shall have to watch it 😛



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