The Crown – 2016

This drama series is remarkable. I have probably googled more about Queen Elizabeth II in a week than in my whole life. What is truly fascinating is that this is based on true events and this monarch still lives to this very day. I never really realised that she was the grand-daughter of King George V and her great uncle was Tsar Nicolas II ( who I am obsessed with, seriously you need to read about him) anyways I’m blabbing so this is what it is all about.

The show is a biographical story exploring the reign of Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom. In season one we have 10 episodes. It all begins in 1947.

Prince Philip of Denmark and Greece (Matt Smith) gives up his royal titles and all foreign relations in order to be granted permission to marry Princess Elizabeth (Claire Foy), heiress presumptive of King George VI (Jared Harris). In later years they have two children Prince Charles and Anne.


In 1951, they return to London when George has to undergo lung surgery. Not long after he is forewarned he has months to live due to a malignant tumour in his remaining lung.

Whilst all this is taking place Winston Churchill played by the superb John Lithgow is reelected after six years out of government, a move of which George strongly approved.


Elizabeth and Philip tour the Commonwealth in King George VI’s place. During this time the tragic passing of the King occurs.His wife the Queen Mother (Victoria Hamilton, Mother Queen Mary (Eileen Atkins) and younger daughter Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) are devastated.

The scene that follows is shattering to even those who are well at controlling their emotions 😦

For those who have not read too much into the Queens life this is something to see . You understand the in depth relationships between her and the other royals. The difficulties that cross her path and the decisions she must take as sovereign even if it severs the ties between her own family ( relationship strains between her and Margaret and her uncle).


It’s not only about the queen. One understands the sacrifice Prince Philip endured; usually you see him as the loving husband who always supports his wife but in reality the things he has had to give up are astonishing.


There’s this one scene where he has to bow down at the coronation. He says he refuses to do it but when you see him walk up to her and just stand there, bow, then kneel is just .. IMMENSE!

I’m not telling you the rest you have to see it for yourself and i promise you , you will be in love with history even more than me ❤

God Save The Queen ❤

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