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ROBERTS – Revival Retro Radio

How I have been longing for the radio trend to come back.. Like in the 90’s when you would take it out with you on the street and sit around with your friends and blast tunes.

Or go the skateboard park and … well I’m going on but you know what I mean right?

So Roberts have some awesome radios that are really worth buying.


Revival DAB radio – £179.99 Just look at the colours


This is the description :

This stunning addition to the Roberts Revival family not only adds that touch of class to any room it is also testament to Roberts’ first class engineering. Beauty is not only skin deep with this incredible model — it is both staggeringly stylish on the outside and enhanced on the inside. This limited edition Revival features all the benefits of a DAB radio as well as rotary tuning and volume controls, RDS station name display, a stereo line in socket for iPod / MP3 playback, headphone socket and portability thanks to its carry handle perfect for all of our stylish customers.


  • FM/DAB wavebands
  • Up to 120 hours battery life
  • FM RDS station name display
  • Easy to read 16 x 2 character LCD display
  • Auto tune
  • Amber display backlight
  • Fifties styling
  • Menu display / selection of all major functions
  • Rotary tuning and volume controls
  • Station name / multi preset mode
  • One touch instant access to favourite station
  • Gold plated fittings


Special Edition Union Jack D60 DAB radio – £219.99


Revival Mini Retro DAB FM radio – £149.99

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