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Junaid Jamshed 1964- dec 7 2016

Today is truly a tragic day for all those who grew up seeing one of the nations most patriotic pop icons of our time.

I was at my grandma’s when the news broke of the once music sensation who had been aboard the plane PK661 that crashed flying from Chitral to Islamabad.

My father went to the same university as him and would often see him playing cricket or watching the squash tournaments, he was known as the jovial fun loving spirit, always full of life wearing a huge smile.

I hadn’t delved too into his history or his rise to fame but I certainly grew up listening to his music and to this day nothing can beat those songs.

Throughout the years he changed turning more towards religion. Preaching and informing to all of how peacefully religion can coincide with the modern society of today. His Iftar shows were the best.

It’s tragic to know that now those lifelong, childhood friends that once created a band called “”Vital Signs” are missing a member but one day they will all be reunited once more. It’s just the wait which will be difficult but you will all be together again.

Please pray for those 48 passengers ,their families and loved ones to have patience at this devastating time.

 I for one know today “Pakistan’s Dil” has been crushed into pieces. RIP 😦

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