Eagle of the twelfth

So this book is the third in the Rome series by one of my favourite authors M.C. Scott ❤ .

Wait somethings different tho, there’s a twist!

Eagle of the twelfth is set before the previous novels giving an insight to the famous spy Pantera  before his mission in Britannia but, although Pantera plays a crucial character the reader is more focused on the soldiers of the Twelfth legion who have made themselves quite the talk amongst the roman army; having been defeated on numerous occasions they seem pretty unlucky most of the time.

Demalion of Macedon a youthful, ambitious and bold soldier is posted to the twelfth to his dismay. Soon enough he has made acquaintances and friends he can call his brothers. A few of them being Lupus, Cadus, Tears, Syrion, Proclion, Horgias, Rufus and Sarapammon.

We explore the harsh realities of living as a legionary. The horrific blood baths and emotions one must overcome to survive. The way in which Manda’s powerful words depict battles, truly opens up the readers mind to images and scenes that seem as if they are being played right infront of their eyes.

I, myself found it difficult to come to terms with losing some characters along the way feeling that I too was apart of their brotherhood and was witnessing everything that was taking place. From the building of the bridge in appalling conditions to the greatest sacrifices the soldiers were ready to endure in honour to protect their country’s symbol – The Eagle!

I really cannot give much more away as I feel that everyone, especially those who are in love with history should read this book and see the intense,vivid feelings felt when entering the world, friendships and lives of the legions.

2 thoughts on “Eagle of the twelfth

  1. Thank you. The Boudica series is under option… but these things take a long, long time. I’m working o the script for Into the Fire, which means that I know where it’s at – and it’s definitely moving forward…

    Immensely glad you enjoyed the book. Once in a while, a book feels as if it writes itself. This was one of those…

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