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What is becoming of the world?

Honestly even my hate for politics could not keep me cut off from the news regarding what is happening in the world these past few weeks.

First of all , I am so sorry to hear about all those innocent people who have been killed in the Berlin attacks and those helpless, blameless human beings in Aleppo.

I wish I could do something , I really do. What I cannot comprehend is that there were so many people out there who had raised their voices to the UN and neighbouring countries to prevent anymore killings from happening , yet nothing was being done!


How many more ambassadors do we need to sit infront of all those at conferences imploring the nations to stand up?  How many more Samantha Powers and Clarissa Wards are going to “beseech for aid” till their voices dry out?

I’m fed up of seeing them begging. For Gods sake, forget your treaties , forget your documents that you have signed with other countries and just save those guiltless humans- they have literally done nothing wrong. Try imaging yourself in that situation.For one moment just visualise yourself being trapped in a city knowing there is no escape.

There was an earthquake recently in my city and the whole floor was shaking violently, inevitably I panicked, wanting an escape. I ran,barged open the front door but it wouldn’t go away. Everywhere I went it followed. I recalled that horrid memory of mine and thought what if there were bombs falling from the sky and bullets flying towards me?  Well that is true reality of what is happening in Aleppo and there’s no running, they’re trapped.

I refuse to believe that all we can do is sit and watch.

When all of these deplorable things are occurring it inturn creates a wave of terror and hence more attacks are taking place in Europe. To all those who have been a victim or are family members of those effected in these attacks I pray for you to have patience at a time like this and am so sorry for you having to endure this.

I hope this comes to an end. Whilst writing this I’ve been informed that evacuations will be taking place these next few days in Syria . For now all we can do is pray for a miracle. We all want peace. Now that would be the best Christmas present of all .

Pray for Aleppo, Pray for Berlin, Pray for this world.

4 thoughts on “What is becoming of the world?

  1. Well written piece, with which I agree with.
    The cynicism of Assad and the Russians is disgusting.
    Aid doesn’t get through to the siffering civilian population, a lot disappears to the black market. Rebel groups ensuring their fighters get most of it.
    The gun rules.
    Meanwhile innocent Germans attending a Christmas Market, traditional in Germany for centuries are attacked by a lorry bomb.
    France especially, and the UK have have security services working overtime, to ensure no more outrages occur.
    My sister came back from New York on Sunday after a week’s holiday with her husband. They mentioned how heavy and tight, security was at every tourist attraction. This took the shine of their visit.
    We might not like politics and the politician’s in power, but when the 3 leading ‘superpowers’ have leaders in 2017 are;
    Xi Jinping,
    Putin, the world is not in safe hands.

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    1. Those 3 names are literally screaming WW3 aren’t they steve .. It’s really a scary thought I mean how and when is this going to stop – Is this ever going to end? I really am fearing the worst for 2017 .. I guess its downhill from here 😦


      1. We just have to hope sense prevails! Trump and his Secretary of State’s links with Russia, means the situation will change totally.
        Who knows to what end?
        It is a totally new dynamic. A US President has never previously had sympathy with a Mafia State like Russia. Or at least such a significant country.
        It will be test of the US democatic system. The Senate, Congress and the 50 individual states of America. The military and the judiciary.
        There is so much opposition to the Orange One, I think he’ll struggle to implement his mad policies and opinions and prejudices.
        I hope so at any rate😦

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      2. I hope he does struggle too – if his views remain the same. I just cannot believe Russia carried on with the air strikes, I mean the whole world was in soo much grief. Just goes to show the people at the top have lost their humanity 😦


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