Allied – 2016

I always have been a huge fan of Brad Pitt. So it was inevitable that I would watch this movie too.

This is what it’s about :

It’s 1942 WWII, Max Vatan who is a Royal Canadian Air Force intelligence officer goes on a mission to Casablanca in Morocco (I love it when Brad speaks French – parce que je le comprends aussi) to assassinate the German ambassador. His partner is a stunning French lady names Marianne Beausejour who is a resistance fighter.

The two pose as a married couple and grow close, despite agreeing that in their line of work feelings can come with grave consequences. Marianne, who is trusted by the Germans, secures Max an invitation to the party where they plan to conduct the assassination.  They end up escaping. Max asks Marianne to accompany him to London and be his wife. The two get married, settle down in Hampstead, and have a baby girl named Anna.

A year later, Max learns that Marianne is suspected of being a German spy, having taken the identity of the real Marianne who was killed in France. In order to test their suspicions, SOE run a ‘blue dye’ operation: If she turns out to be a spy Max must personally execute her, or be punished for treason.

Max tries relentlessly to seek out the truth about Marianne. He goes extreme lengths for even the slightest bit of information.

Max takes Marianne to a local pub and demands she play the piano. Marianne cannot play, and admits she is a spy. She claims her feelings for Max are genuine and that she and her child were being threatened by German spies in London, including the woman who lives around the corner and often looks after Anna.

Max, unwilling to kill his wife, tells her they need to leave before the SOE finds them. Marianne tells Max that she loves him asking him to take care of Anna, then she shoots herself. The commanding officer orders the soldiers present to report that Max executed Marianne hence Max himself will not be punished.

After the war, Max moves to the ranch in Canada that was always his ambition, and raises Anna. The film ends with Marianne reading the letter that she had earlier written to her daughter, anticipating that one day her real identity would be uncovered. Which it did but she made the ultimate sacrifice.

Now I had anticipated that this movie would be one of those epic war movies – they said it was also similar to Mr & Mrs smith… Well I didn’t think it was. For me it was not as interesting as Brads other movies I mean Troy was amazing so was legends of the fall , fury , the list goes on. I found Marion cotillard’s accent really weird I mean I could’nt comprehend if she was making fun of the British accent on purpose whilst she spoke in it or she was just slipping in and out of her French accent .. Anyways do tell me what you thought 🙂

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