Just Life <3

Smart Technology

A few things for the lads (and girls too if you’re up for it )

 1. RIF6Cube projector

  • £299.00

  • Portable yet powerful, the Rif6 Cube projector is designed to connect to your mobile devices. Small enough to carry with you wherever you go, it will transform any screen into a 120-inch display


2. Sonos Play :1 wireless music system

  • £169.99

  • The Sonos PLAY:1 compact wireless music system delivers deep, crystal clear Hi-Fi sound. Featuring two custom-designed drivers with dedicated amplifiers, you can stream your entire music library, popular music servces and internet radio. Simple to set-up, control from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac.




3. Mergevr – Merge virtual reality goggles

  • £59.99

Use your smartphone to experience virtual reality with the mergegoggles. Simply download the apps and be transported to anywhere from a concert to outer space. Crafted from lightweight, durable foam that fits the contours of your face, it’s perfect for taking on the go.



4. Nintendo Pokemon Moon / sun 3DS game

  • £39.99

Gotta catch em all !




5. Prynt iPhone 6/6s case


  • £149.95

  • Transform your iPhone into a polaroid camera with the clever print case. Effortlessly attaching to your smartphone, it allows you to take photos and print them instantly onto ink-free Zink paper. You can even save a short video within the photo, magically replaying it on the paper through the Prynt app.



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