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Valery Bryusov

So I adore poetry and thought I would share one of my favourites  from Valery Bryusov’s collection.

To A Young Poet

Pale youth with burning gaze,
I give you three commandments now:
Follow the first: don’t live by the present,
The future is a poet’s only place.

Second, remember: feel for no one,
Love yourself without bounds.
Safeguard the third: worship art,
Art alone, without thought or goal.

Pale youth with embarrassed gaze!
If you follow my three commandments,
I’ll die in peace, a defeated warrior,
Knowing I leave a poet behind.

I feel he is advising the reader to follow what’s in the heart, keep dreaming big and follow your goals. Hence him saying live by the future! If one remains in the past how will they ever progress and advance in life. The quote “Worship Art” has many meanings. For me personally its a really vivid feeling as I love art and writing, also learning languages. However some would say it was not a good profession and that I should only focus on what will aide me in securing a good job. I’m glad I didn’t listen and kept on doing this on the side because I found a profession that accepted my likes – without the Arts what would this world be?  Be strong and don’t let negativity surround you.

If people attempt in bringing you down, do not feel or take it to the heart and adore yourself.

Art – is beautiful and has so many meanings. Poetry, music, dance, painting and history are all apart of it and its just magical really ❤

Thanks Valery



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