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Marie Antoinette – Part 2

Right so if you have read the first post about Marie Antoinette you will know exactly what I am going to mention below.



Marie was know to be a lover of food. She truly did eat like a queen (at times)

 Usually in the mornings, Marie Antoinette chose coffee or hot chocolate (yes girl) accompanied by simple bread. Now sources state that the bread she ate was possibly kipfel, a type of Austrian bread which is considered an early form of the croissant or it may have been an earlier form of kaisersemmel, more commonly known today as a Kaiser roll.

Looks a little like croissants- could she have been the one who brought croissants to France? You see there’s a little debate about that!

Ok so I found this out – When Marie Antoinette was to dine in public, which was the custom for the royalty at Versailles, she hardly touched the food presented to her.

She wouldn’t mind a pastry or two.

Normally this was those really elaborate ceremonial meals. Louis XVI ate them with great pleasure but she often waited until she was back in her private apartment and then she would eat in peace.


Now I found this before and I had to share it :

She enjoyed meals of boiled or roasted white meat, especially chicken or fowl, accompanied by cooked vegetables. She was also fond of broths and simpler soups. She did not drink alcohol with much frequency, if at all, and preferred lemonade or water imported from Ville d’Avray for its purity. She also liked to dip small biscuits in her water or lemonade. She sometimes drank cow or donkey’s milk, especially for health purposes.

Donkey milk – ewwww absolutely ew ! I just cannot comprehe…. OK IM DONE.

Moving swiftly on .She adored chocolate – I can relate to that. especially if it was infused with flavours such as sweet almond, vanilla and orange blossom.


Ok so let me throw a few names of lavish dishes at you just to give you an insight of what Marie and the royals at Versailles would eat.

Starting with oysters,scallops, duck, salmon, breaded foie gras (made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened) oh and some crystallized fruits for dessert ❤

As you can see her meals not only were immensely pleasant to the pallet, they were very appealing to the eyes too. I don’t want to delve to much into what happened to her in the end, maybe there will be a part three for that but for now sit in your palaces and order your chef to make you some foie gras !

Bon Appetite

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