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Boy London was born in the heart of London’s punk scene in 1970s and 40 years on, they still haven’t lost their edge. The rebellious spirit lives on in these tees and sweats, emblazoned with graffiti logos and the brand’s famous eagle motif. All the styles are unisex, making them perfect for stealing from – or sharing with – your other half. – Exclusive to Selfridges ❤

BOY Eagle t-shirt – £35.00

Boy snapback cap – £35.00

 BOY Eagle appliqué knitted beanie – £35.00



Eagle repeat sweatshirt – £50.00

Eagle-print cotton-jersey T-shirt – £50.00

Jogging bottoms with white logo – £55.00



8 thoughts on “BOY -LONDON

    1. Oh how brilliant ! I need to visit it sometime soon. You know once you move from somewhere you remember every tiny detail, is it the same with you? It’s been 5 years away from England I still remember each little detail vividly .. I need to go there again 🙂

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      1. Oh, I have always lived in Amsterdam. In my teens and twenties I popped over to London at least once a year, to buy clothes and records 😉 I loved King’s Road. It was such a cool city! Still is of course and I really should visit soon too.
        Do you live in Pakistan?

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      2. I lived in England all my life and moved to Pakistan 5 years back . Its different but its soo nice I was a little anxious in the beginning what with the news and all but its pretty good here .. I still miss my home back in liverpool though and hopefully shall visit .. And Amsterdam what a beautiful city I really want to visit it someday there’s so much to see !

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      3. Ah, you’re a Liverpudlian 😉 Amsterdam is beautiful and I’m totally spoiled to live within walking distance of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, a fantastic orchestra, ballet, opera, seen Madonna 5 times…
        I work for a handling agent at the airport and for many years we handled PIA, it was always a pleasure, but currently they are not flying to Amsterdam. I would love to visit Pakistan some day!

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      4. Yes .. although no one understood my scouse accent so I reverted back to my Birmingham one 🙂 .. Oh how lovely , you truly are lucky to have seen such wonderful places and Madonna too !! I really want to see where Anne Frank lived, for me its just – well lets just say I will probably start crying when I see it, so much history! And I want to bike in the city its so full of life . Please do share some pics of Amsterdam sometime 🙂 . Oh yes PIA was good back in the day but unfortunately the standards have dropped 😦 .. and yes please do visit Pakistan you must see the culture and try the food 🙂

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      5. Yes, Anne Frank was very special and it is worth visiting her hiding place, so that you can see what it was like. Of course it’s emotional, makes me cry too!
        I’m really interested in the culture of Pakistan and I’m sure the food is fantastic!
        Take care, dear, hugs from Amsterdam 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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